January 27th – February 2nd Unity of Prayer

Sunday Night (19) – Prayer for safety of any and all group activities or events of the church. Keep everyone from danger 
Monday (20) – Pray for the nursery workers to be patient, protect, teach, and provide safety for every child that is entrusted with their care. 
Tuesday (21) – Pray that God will help me to give more of my time and money for His work.
Wednesday (22) – Pray that God will teach me not to be a spectator but more of a participator. Let my spirit be willing, teachable, and valuable to be used of God. 
Thursday (23) – Pray for physical building and equipment of the church that will serve well and last for a long time. 
Friday (24) – Pray for a hedge of protection that nothing will cause hindrances or division among the body of christ. We rebuke the enemey and their devices. They are not allowed in my life nor in my church. 

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